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Company List in Kathwada GIDC

Company List in Kathwada GIDC

Kathwada GIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation) in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, is home to numerous companies operating in various industries. This industrial estate provides infrastructure and facilities to support businesses’ growth and development. If you are looking for a comprehensive list of companies in Kathwada GIDC, this article will provide you with valuable information.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover a wide range of companies operating in Kathwada GIDC.
  • Benefit from the excellent infrastructure and facilities provided by Kathwada GIDC.
  • Opportunities for business collaboration and growth exist in this industrial estate.

Overview of Kathwada GIDC

Kathwada GIDC is strategically located near Ahmedabad, offering convenient transportation links for businesses. *With its state-of-the-art infrastructure* and well-maintained roads, it provides a favorable environment for industrial operations. The industrial estate spans across vast acres, accommodating businesses from various sectors, including manufacturing, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and textiles.

Advantages of Establishing a Business in Kathwada GIDC

Setting up a business in Kathwada GIDC comes with several advantages. Firstly, the industrial estate boasts of a reliable power supply, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Additionally, *the presence of networking opportunities fosters collaboration among businesses.* The area also benefits from proximity to major markets, enabling efficient distribution and logistics.

Company List

Here is a sample list of companies in Kathwada GIDC:

  • ABC Textiles: A leading textile manufacturer, specializing in premium fabrics.
  • XYZ Pharmaceuticals: A pharmaceutical company focused on producing high-quality medications.
  • DEF Engineering: Specializes in providing cutting-edge engineering solutions.

Data and Information

The following tables provide interesting data and information about the companies in Kathwada GIDC:

Table 1: Company Statistics
Total Companies 200+
Manufacturing Sector 45%
Engineering Sector 30%
Table 2: Top Industries
Textiles 25%
Pharmaceuticals 18%
Automobile 15%
Table 3: Infrastructure Facilities
Power Supply 24/7
Road Connectivity Excellent
Warehousing Space Available

Business Opportunities

Establishing your business in Kathwada GIDC presents various growth opportunities. With a diverse range of companies operating in the region, *you can find potential partners for collaboration or expand your customer base.* The industrial estate’s excellent infrastructure and access to skilled labor further enhance the prospects for business success.


In conclusion, Kathwada GIDC offers an ideal location for businesses across multiple industries. With its well-developed infrastructure, ample facilities, and a wide range of companies, the industrial estate fosters growth and collaboration. Consider Kathwada GIDC as a prime destination for establishing and expanding your business.

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Common Misconceptions

Misconception 1: All companies in Kathwada GIDC are similar

One common misconception about companies listed in Kathwada GIDC is that they all offer similar products or services. However, this is far from the truth. Each company has its own unique offerings, target markets, and business models.

  • Companies in Kathwada GIDC have diverse product portfolios.
  • Competitive advantages of companies vary widely.
  • Different companies cater to different customer segments.

Misconception 2: All companies listed in Kathwada GIDC are large-scale enterprises

Another common misconception is that all companies in Kathwada GIDC are large-scale enterprises. While there are certainly some big players in the industrial area, there are also numerous small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that contribute significantly to the local economy.

  • Many small and medium-sized companies thrive in Kathwada GIDC.
  • Diverse range of company sizes creates a vibrant business ecosystem.
  • SMEs play a crucial role in providing employment opportunities.

Misconception 3: Company lists are outdated and unreliable

Some people believe that company lists in Kathwada GIDC are outdated and unreliable. However, it is important to note that the lists are regularly updated by the concerned authorities and provide accurate information about the companies in the area.

  • The company list is periodically verified and updated.
  • Multiple ways to access the most recent company information.
  • Authorities ensure the reliability and accuracy of the company lists.

Misconception 4: All companies in Kathwada GIDC are profit-driven

Many people assume that all companies in Kathwada GIDC are solely profit-driven and do not prioritize social or environmental responsibility. However, there are several companies in the area that actively engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives and sustainable business practices.

  • Companies actively support local community development projects.
  • Sustainable practices are embraced by numerous companies in Kathwada GIDC.
  • Focus on triple bottom line – people, planet, and profits.

Misconception 5: All companies listed in Kathwada GIDC have the same level of expertise

One misconception is that all companies listed in Kathwada GIDC have the same level of expertise in their respective industries. However, the reality is that companies differ in terms of their specialization, technical know-how, and experience.

  • Different companies excel in different industries and fields.
  • Specialized knowledge makes certain companies stand out.
  • Varying levels of industry experience among the companies.
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In Kathwada GIDC, there are numerous companies operating with diverse industrial interests. This article provides a comprehensive list of some of the notable companies in the area along with relevant information about their operations and offerings.

Top Pharmaceutical Companies

Kathwada GIDC is home to several renowned pharmaceutical companies that cater to both domestic and international markets. These companies prioritize research and development to deliver high-quality medicines.

Company Name Specialization Exports
Meditex Pharma Generic Medicines Yes
BioPharma Ltd. Biopharmaceuticals No
MediCorp Healthcare OTC Pharmaceuticals Yes

Leading Textile Companies

The textile industry in Kathwada GIDC plays a crucial role in local and national economies. These companies specialize in various segments, from garment manufacturing to fabric production.

Company Name Product Range Market Presence
FashionFabrics Printed Fabrics Domestic
WeaveWell Textiles Knitted Garments Export
TexStyle Industries Home Textiles Both

Prominent Automobile Companies

Kathwada GIDC boasts a strong presence of automobile manufacturing companies that contribute significantly to the growth of the automotive sector in India.

Company Name Product Type Annual Revenue (in crore)
MotorWorks Two-Wheelers 450
AutoMax Vehicles Commercial Vehicles 1020
DriveRite Motors Four-Wheelers 780

Software and IT Service Providers

The software and IT companies in Kathwada GIDC are at the forefront of technological innovation, providing cutting-edge solutions to enterprises worldwide.

Company Name Services Clientele
TechNex Solutions Custom Software Development International
CodeMasters Web Development Domestic
DataTech Innovations Data Analytics Global

Leading Metal Fabrication Companies

Kathwada GIDC is renowned for its metal fabrication industry, contributing to the construction, infrastructure, and manufacturing sectors.

Company Name Specialization Years in Operation
MetalCraft Industries Sheet Metal Fabrication 15
SteelMakers Structural Steel Fabrication 22
AluForm Solutions Aluminum Fabrication 10

Renewable Energy Companies

Kathwada GIDC promotes sustainability through renewable energy companies that focus on harnessing solar and wind energy for a greener future.

Company Name Energy Source Installed Capacity (MW)
SolarPower Pvt. Ltd. Solar 50
WindEnergy Solutions Wind 75
EcoPower Renewables Solar 30

Food Processing Companies

Kathwada GIDC houses reputed food processing companies, ensuring the availability of processed food products for both domestic and international markets.

Company Name Product Range Exports
Tasty Treats Snack Foods Yes
Rich Farms Frozen Vegetables Yes
Dairy Delights Dairy Products No

Building Material Manufacturers

Several building material manufacturers have operations in Kathwada GIDC, catering to the growing construction industry.

Company Name Product Range Market Presence
Ace Ceramics Ceramic Tiles Domestic
StoneCraft Natural Stone Products Export
BuildWell Industries Construction Chemicals Both

Engineering and Industrial Machinery Companies

Kathwada GIDC hosts various engineering and industrial machinery companies, providing equipment and solutions for diverse industrial sectors.

Company Name Product Range Years in Operation
PowerTech Engineers Electrical Panels 18
MechMachines Conveyors and Material Handling 12
HydroFlow Solutions Water Treatment Equipment 8


Kathwada GIDC is a bustling industrial area boasting a diverse range of companies and sectors. From pharmaceuticals to textiles, automobiles to software development, the region showcases a thriving industrial ecosystem. The companies in Kathwada GIDC contribute significantly to the local and national economy, meeting both domestic and global demands for goods and services.

Company List in Kathwada GIDC – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kathwada GIDC?

Kathwada GIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation) is an industrial estate located in Kathwada, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is a dedicated industrial zone where various companies operate.

How can I access the company list in Kathwada GIDC?

The company list in Kathwada GIDC can be accessed through various means such as online directories, official GIDC websites, or by contacting the local authorities.

Are there any specific industries or sectors present in Kathwada GIDC?

Yes, Kathwada GIDC houses companies from various industries such as manufacturing, textile, packaging, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

Is there a specific registration process to establish a company in Kathwada GIDC?

Yes, companies interested in establishing their presence in Kathwada GIDC need to follow a registration process, which involves submitting the necessary documents and fulfilling the criteria set by the authorities.

How can I get more information about a particular company in Kathwada GIDC?

You can gather more information about a specific company in Kathwada GIDC by visiting their official website if available, contacting them directly through the provided contact details, or by contacting the local authorities for assistance.

Are there any benefits of setting up a company in Kathwada GIDC?

Yes, there are several benefits of setting up a company in Kathwada GIDC. These include access to industrial infrastructure, proximity to a skilled workforce, availability of necessary amenities, and being part of a thriving industrial ecosystem.

Can I visit the companies in Kathwada GIDC for business purposes or collaborations?

Yes, you can visit the companies in Kathwada GIDC for business purposes or collaborations. However, it is advisable to contact the respective companies beforehand to schedule an appointment or discuss the purpose of the visit.

Are there any restrictions or regulations for operating a company in Kathwada GIDC?

Yes, there are certain restrictions and regulations that companies need to comply with while operating in Kathwada GIDC. These may include environmental regulations, labor laws, and other guidelines set by the local authorities to ensure a safe and sustainable industrial environment.

How can I reach Kathwada GIDC from the nearest airport or railway station?

Kathwada GIDC is easily accessible from the nearest airport or railway station. It is recommended to hire a taxi or use public transportation options like buses or trains to reach the industrial estate. Detailed directions can be obtained from the local transportation authorities or through online mapping services.

Can I apply for job opportunities in companies located in Kathwada GIDC?

Yes, you can apply for job opportunities in companies located in Kathwada GIDC. You can check their respective websites or job portals for available positions or contact the companies directly for employment inquiries.