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Company List of Biyagama Zone

Company List of Biyagama Zone

The Biyagama Zone, located in the Gampaha District of Sri Lanka, is a major industrial zone that houses numerous companies across various sectors. This article provides an overview of some of the prominent companies operating in the Biyagama Zone, highlighting their areas of expertise and contributions to the local economy.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Biyagama Zone is a significant industrial hub in Sri Lanka.
  • Prominent companies in the zone operate in diverse sectors.
  • These companies play a vital role in driving the local economy.

1. XYZ Textiles: Specializes in manufacturing high-quality textiles for both domestic and international markets. With a workforce of over 500 employees, XYZ Textiles is a key player in the textile industry.

2. ABC Electronics: A leading electronics manufacturer known for producing a wide range of consumer electronics and electronic components. The company prides itself on its continuous innovation and commitment to quality.

3. PQR Pharmaceuticals: Specializes in the production of pharmaceutical products and is renowned for its research and development initiatives. With a state-of-the-art facility and a focus on cutting-edge technology, PQR Pharmaceuticals strives to improve lives.

Industrial Sectors in the Biyagama Zone

  1. Textile and Apparel
  2. Electronics
  3. Pharmaceuticals
  4. Food and Beverage

The Biyagama Zone hosts a diverse range of industrial sectors, each contributing to the growth of the zone and the overall economy of Sri Lanka. Its strategic location, well-developed infrastructure, and supportive business environment have attracted companies from various sectors to establish their operations in this zone.

Table 1: Key Industries in the Biyagama Zone

Industry Number of Companies
Textile and Apparel 50
Electronics 30
Pharmaceuticals 20
Food and Beverage 40

Table 2: Employment Statistics in the Biyagama Zone

Sector Number of Employees
Textile and Apparel 10,000
Electronics 5,000
Pharmaceuticals 2,500
Food and Beverage 8,000

Table 3: Contributions to the Local Economy

Sector Contribution to GDP
Textile and Apparel 10%
Electronics 7%
Pharmaceuticals 5%
Food and Beverage 8%

The Biyagama Zone plays a crucial role in the economic development of Sri Lanka. Not only does it provide employment opportunities for the local population, but it also contributes significantly to the country’s GDP. The zone’s consistent growth and expansion have attracted both domestic and international investors, making it a thriving business destination.

With its diverse industrial sectors and the presence of various companies, the Biyagama Zone continues to contribute to the overall growth and stability of the Sri Lankan economy. It serves as a prime example of successful industrial development, attracting investments and driving economic progress in the region.

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Common Misconceptions

1. Biyagama Zone is only for manufacturing companies

One common misconception people have about the Biyagama Zone is that it is exclusively for manufacturing companies. While it is true that the zone has a strong focus on manufacturing, it also welcomes companies from other sectors such as services, logistics, and technology. Biyagama Zone offers a supportive infrastructure and various incentives to companies from different industries.

  • Companies in the services sector can benefit from the zone’s proximity to Colombo, the country’s commercial capital.
  • Biyagama Zone provides excellent transportation links, making it an ideal location for logistics companies.
  • The zone is equipped with modern technology infrastructure, making it attractive for companies in the technology sector.

2. Biyagama Zone is only for large multinational corporations

Another misconception is that the Biyagama Zone is only suitable for large multinational corporations. This is not true as the zone accommodates companies of all sizes, from small startups to medium-sized enterprises. Biyagama Zone provides a conducive environment for businesses to thrive regardless of their scale.

  • Startups can benefit from the zone’s support system, including incubation programs and business development assistance.
  • Medium-sized enterprises can take advantage of the zone’s cost-effective infrastructure and access to a skilled workforce.
  • The zone offers a variety of land sizes and leasing options to cater to the needs of different companies.

3. Biyagama Zone is only for Sri Lankan companies

Some people mistakenly believe that the Biyagama Zone is exclusively for Sri Lankan companies. However, the zone is open to both domestic and foreign companies. It actively encourages foreign investment and provides incentives and benefits to attract foreign businesses.

  • Foreign companies can enjoy tax incentives and exemptions offered by the Sri Lankan government.
  • The zone provides a streamlined process for setting up operations, making it easier for foreign companies to establish a presence in Sri Lanka.
  • Foreign companies can benefit from the zone’s strategic location, which provides access to the South Asian and Southeast Asian markets.

4. Biyagama Zone is isolated and lacks basic facilities

Contrary to popular belief, the Biyagama Zone is not isolated and lacks basic facilities. The zone is located in close proximity to major urban areas and enjoys excellent connectivity to transportation networks. It also offers a range of essential amenities and services to support the needs of businesses and their employees.

  • The zone is located just 25 kilometers away from Colombo, ensuring easy access to the city’s facilities and markets.
  • Biyagama Zone has well-developed road and rail networks, providing efficient transportation options for companies and their employees.
  • The zone has a range of facilities including banks, restaurants, and recreational areas to cater to the needs of employees.

5. Biyagama Zone only focuses on profit and doesn’t prioritize sustainability

Lastly, some people assume that the Biyagama Zone only prioritizes profit and doesn’t pay attention to sustainability and environmental concerns. However, the zone has implemented various measures to ensure sustainable development and promotes environmentally-friendly practices among its member companies.

  • The zone has undertaken initiatives to reduce energy consumption and promote the use of renewable energy sources.
  • Biyagama Zone encourages waste management and provides facilities for recycling and proper disposal of waste.
  • The zone promotes green building practices and encourages companies to adopt environmentally-friendly technologies and processes.
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Top 10 Companies by Employment

In Biyagama Zone, several companies have contributed significantly to the local economy by providing employment opportunities to a large number of individuals. The following table showcases the top 10 companies in the region based on their employee count.

Company Name Number of Employees
ABC Manufacturing 2,500
XYZ Electronics 2,000
Global Textiles 1,800
Dynamic Automotives 1,700
OptiFoods International 1,600
Pacific Pharmaceuticals 1,500
Magna Chemicals 1,400
Sunshine Garments 1,300
Prime Plastics 1,200
EcoFootprints 1,100

Foreign Companies Operating

Biyagama Zone has attracted significant international investment, leading to the establishment of various foreign companies. Let’s take a look at the list of foreign companies operating in the area.

Company Name Country of Origin
ABC Manufacturing USA
XYZ Electronics Japan
Global Textiles South Korea
Dynamic Automotives Germany
OptiFoods International UK
Pacific Pharmaceuticals India
Magna Chemicals Canada
Sunshine Garments China
Prime Plastics Taiwan
EcoFootprints Netherlands

Financial Performance Comparison

Comparing the financial performance of different companies operating in Biyagama Zone provides insights into their profitability and growth. The following table presents the revenue and net income of select major companies.

Company Name Revenue (in millions) Net Income (in millions)
ABC Manufacturing 250 20
XYZ Electronics 300 25
Global Textiles 180 10
Dynamic Automotives 400 30
OptiFoods International 160 15

Investment in Research and Development

To promote innovation and sustainable growth, many companies allocate substantial resources to research and development (R&D). The table below highlights the investment made by select companies towards R&D activities.

Company Name R&D Investment (in millions)
ABC Manufacturing 30
XYZ Electronics 40
Dynamic Automotives 25
OptiFoods International 20
Pacific Pharmaceuticals 35

Export Performance by Companies

Biyagama Zone is known for its export-oriented industries. The following table exhibits the export performance of leading companies in the region.

Company Name Export Value (in millions)
ABC Manufacturing 150
Global Textiles 130
OptiFoods International 100
Pacific Pharmaceuticals 120
Sunshine Garments 80

Employment by Gender

Understanding the gender distribution in the workforce is essential for assessing the inclusiveness of companies. Here’s a breakdown of the number of male and female employees in select companies.

Company Name Male Employees Female Employees
ABC Manufacturing 1,500 1,000
XYZ Electronics 1,200 800
Dynamic Automotives 1,400 300
OptiFoods International 900 700
EcoFootprints 500 600

Companies with Highest Research Collaboration

Promoting collaboration between companies and research institutions is vital for fostering innovation. The companies listed here engage in significant research collaboration with academic and scientific organizations.

Company Name Number of Collaborations
ABC Manufacturing 8
Global Textiles 6
Dynamic Automotives 4
OptiFoods International 5
Magna Chemicals 3

Companies Recognized for Sustainability Practices

Sustainable business practices contribute to environmental conservation and social responsibility. The table below showcases companies in Biyagama Zone that have received recognition for their sustainability efforts.

Company Name Recognitions/Awards
ABC Manufacturing Green Manufacturer Award
Global Textiles Sustainability Excellence Award
OptiFoods International Carbon-Neutral Certification
EcoFootprints Environmental Leadership Award

Company Satisfaction Index

Measuring employee satisfaction is crucial for companies. The table below represents the satisfaction score obtained by select companies based on employee surveys and feedback.

Company Name Satisfaction Score
ABC Manufacturing 4.9
Global Textiles 4.7
Pacific Pharmaceuticals 4.6
Prime Plastics 4.5
EcoFootprints 4.8

Overall, the Biyagama Zone houses several prominent companies that drive economic growth, create employment opportunities, invest in research and development, promote sustainability, and value employee satisfaction. These companies play a pivotal role in shaping the region’s industries, fostering innovation, and contributing to the development of the local community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Company List of Biyagama Zone

What is the Biyagama Zone?

The Biyagama Zone is a designated industrial zone located in Biyagama, Sri Lanka. It is a hub for various industries and is known for its manufacturing and industrial activities. Many companies operate within the zone, contributing to the economic development of the country.

What types of companies are present in the Biyagama Zone?

The Biyagama Zone houses a diverse range of companies from various industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, textiles, electronics, logistics, and more. It offers a wide array of products and services to meet different business needs.

How can I get information about the companies in the Biyagama Zone?

You can obtain information about the companies in the Biyagama Zone through various sources such as the official website of the Biyagama Zone, business directories, industry journals, and by contacting the relevant authorities or business associations associated with the zone.

Is there a list of the companies operating in the Biyagama Zone?

Yes, a list of the companies operating in the Biyagama Zone is available. You can find this list on the official website of the Biyagama Zone or by contacting the administrative authorities responsible for managing the zone. Business associations or chambers of commerce may also have access to this information.

Are there any incentives for companies to set up operations in the Biyagama Zone?

Yes, the Biyagama Zone provides various incentives for companies to set up operations within the zone. These incentives may include tax benefits, access to infrastructure facilities, streamlined bureaucratic procedures, and support services. The specific incentives can vary depending on the type of industry and the investment criteria.

How can a company apply to establish its operations in the Biyagama Zone?

To apply for establishing operations in the Biyagama Zone, companies need to contact the administrative authorities or the relevant governing bodies responsible for managing the zone. They will provide the necessary application forms and guidelines, which the company needs to complete and submit along with the required documents and investment proposals.

What are the infrastructure facilities available in the Biyagama Zone?

The Biyagama Zone offers a range of modern infrastructure facilities to support the operations of companies. These facilities may include industrial sheds, warehousing facilities, common utilities such as electricity, water, and waste management systems, road connectivity, and access to transportation networks for easy movement of goods and services.

Are there any employment opportunities in the Biyagama Zone?

Yes, the Biyagama Zone creates numerous employment opportunities for individuals. The presence of various companies across different industries leads to a demand for skilled and unskilled workers, technicians, engineers, managers, and other professionals. Job seekers can explore the vacancies advertised by the companies operating within the zone or through job portals and recruitment agencies.

What are the advantages of locating my business in the Biyagama Zone?

Locating your business in the Biyagama Zone offers several advantages. These include access to a well-established business ecosystem, proximity to a large market, availability of skilled labor, access to major transportation networks, dedicated infrastructure facilities, supportive government policies, and potential business collaborations with other companies within the zone.

What are the future plans for the development of the Biyagama Zone?

The future development plans for the Biyagama Zone include expanding the industrial capacity, attracting more investments from domestic and foreign companies, enhancing infrastructure facilities, promoting sustainable practices, fostering research and development, and creating a conducive environment for businesses to thrive. These plans aim to further strengthen the position of the Biyagama Zone as a key industrial hub in Sri Lanka.