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Company List of Israel

Israel, often referred to as the “Start-up Nation,” is known for its innovative spirit and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. The country has become a hotbed for technology companies and has attracted global investments. In this article, we will explore a comprehensive list of companies in Israel.

Key Takeaways:

  • Israel is a hub of technological innovation and home to numerous successful companies.
  • The Israeli start-up ecosystem is supported by venture capital funds, incubators, and accelerators.
  • The country’s strong R&D infrastructure promotes groundbreaking research and development.

Israel boasts an impressive range of companies across various industries. One notable sector is cybersecurity, with Israel becoming a global leader in this field. Companies like Cybereason and CheckPoint Software Technologies have gained international acclaim for their advanced security solutions.

Sector diversification is another characteristic of the Israeli business landscape. Companies like Mobileye, a pioneer in autonomous driving technology, and, a popular website development platform, have propelled Israel’s reputation in the automotive and software industries, respectively. These companies have disrupted traditional markets with their cutting-edge products.

Table 1: Top 5 Israeli Companies by Market Capitalization

Company Industry Market Capitalization (USD)
CheckPoint Software Technologies Cybersecurity XX Billion
Mobileye Automotive XX Billion Software XX Billion
NICE Ltd. Software XX Billion
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Pharmaceuticals XX Billion

In addition to these market giants, Israel is home to a thriving start-up scene. Many young and promising companies are constantly emerging and making their mark in various sectors. Innovators such as and Bringg have demonstrated significant growth potential. These start-ups continue to attract investments and contribute to Israel’s reputation as a fertile ground for entrepreneurial endeavors. The start-up ecosystem of Israel shows no signs of slowing down.

Table 2: Top 5 Israeli Start-ups

Start-up Industry Funding Raised (USD) Software XX Million
Bringg Logistics XX Million
Gloat Human Resources XX Million
Airobotics Drones XX Million
Nano Dimension 3D Printing XX Million

The strength of Israel’s technological and scientific research institutes has contributed significantly to its business landscape. Companies often collaborate with these institutions to foster innovation and leverage cutting-edge research. Notable research institutions include the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and the Weizmann Institute of Science. Israel’s research-academia collaboration facilitates pioneering advancements.

It is crucial to note that the list of Israeli companies is constantly evolving. The country’s start-up ecosystem thrives on constant innovation and the entry of new players. As a result, the list provided here offers a snapshot of some established and successful Israeli companies at the time of writing.

Table 3: Notable Israeli Research Institutions

Institution Area of Focus
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Engineering, Computer Sciences, Life Sciences
Weizmann Institute of Science Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Israel Institute for Biological Research Biotechnology, Life Sciences
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Desert Studies, Cybersecurity
Hebrew University of Jerusalem Medicine, Agriculture

Israel’s vibrant and dynamic business ecosystem has catapulted numerous companies to success. The combination of innovation, research collaboration, and a favorable investment climate has made the country a hub of entrepreneurial activity.

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Common Misconceptions about Company List of Israel

Common Misconceptions

1. Israel is primarily focused on technology startups

One common misconception is that Israel is only known for its successful technology startups. While it is true that Israel has emerged as a global leader in the technology sector, there is much more to the country’s business landscape. Israel also thrives in fields such as agriculture, cybersecurity, pharmaceuticals, and renewable energy.

  • Israel has a diverse range of industries beyond technology
  • The agriculture sector in Israel is highly innovative and has made significant advancements
  • Israel is a global leader in cybersecurity and has numerous successful companies in this field

2. Company List of Israel includes only large corporations

Another common misconception is that the Company List of Israel exclusively features large corporations. This is not accurate as the list encompasses companies of all sizes, ranging from startups and small businesses to multinational corporations. Israel has a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem with many successful startups that have gained global recognition.

  • The Company List of Israel includes entities of various sizes
  • There is a vibrant startup culture in Israel
  • Innovative and successful startups are prominently featured in the list

3. All companies on the list are headquartered in Israel

It is a misconception that all the companies listed are exclusively headquartered in Israel. While many of the companies have their main operations in Israel, some may have subsidiaries or branches in other countries. Additionally, there are companies on the list that were initially founded in Israel but have since relocated their headquarters to other parts of the world.

  • Some companies on the list may have international presence through subsidiaries or branches
  • Companies founded in Israel may relocate their headquarters as they expand globally
  • The list represents companies with various operational structures

4. All Israeli companies are connected to the government or military

One common misconception is that all Israeli companies are somehow affiliated with the government or military. While it is true that Israel has a strong defense sector and military technology plays a significant role in the country’s economy, many companies in Israel operate independently and have no direct connection to the government or military. Israel has a diverse range of privately-owned companies across various industries.

  • Not all Israeli companies are affiliated with the government or military
  • There are numerous privately-owned companies in Israel
  • Israel has a diverse business landscape with companies from various industries

5. The list only includes Israeli-owned companies

Lastly, it is a misconception to believe that the Company List of Israel only comprises Israeli-owned companies. The list includes companies that have a significant presence in Israel, regardless of their ownership. This means that multinational corporations with branch offices or subsidiaries in Israel can also be part of the list. The criteria for inclusion are often tied to the level of operations or influence the companies have in the country.

  • The list considers companies based on their presence and impact in Israel
  • Multinational corporations with operations in Israel can be included in the list
  • Ownership is not the sole criterion for inclusion on the list

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Leading Technology Companies in Israel

This table showcases some of the most prominent technology companies in Israel, known for their innovative solutions and contribution to the country’s vibrant tech ecosystem.

Company Name Industry Founded Employees Revenue (USD)
Check Point Software Technologies Cybersecurity 1993 5,500 $1.9 billion
Mobileye Automotive technology 1999 1,600 $358 million Website development 2006 4,000 $761 million
Mellanox Technologies Networking 1999 2,700 $1.31 billion
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Pharmaceuticals 1901 42,000 $20.68 billion

Top Startups in Israel

This table presents some of the most promising startups in Israel, highlighting their disruptive ideas and potential for growth.

Company Name Industry Founded Investment Raised (USD) Project management 2012 $234 million
OrCam Technologies Assistive technology 2010 $130 million
Taboola Content discovery 2007 $160 million
Gett Ride-hailing 2010 $640 million
Lemonade Insurance technology 2015 $480 million

Key Players in Israel’s Biotechnology Sector

This table highlights some of the leading Israeli biotech companies, revolutionizing healthcare through groundbreaking research and medical advancements.

Company Name Focus Area Founded Employees Market Cap (USD)
Compugen Immunotherapy 1993 150 $1.46 billion
Protalix BioTherapeutics Enzyme replacement therapy 1993 90 $199 million
Medinol Medical devices 1996 100 Not publicly traded
Pluristem Therapeutics Regenerative medicine 2001 55 $600 million
BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Neurodegenerative diseases 2004 80 $76 million

Prominent Israeli E-commerce Platforms

This table showcases leading e-commerce platforms based in Israel, enabling businesses to thrive in the digital marketplace.

Company Name Year Founded Monthly Visitors Annual Revenue (USD)
Namogoo 2014 2 million+ $30 million+
Duda 2009 5 million+ $25 million+
Zoovu 2008 4 million+ $20 million+
YotPo 2011 6 million+ $50 million+
Twygo 2015 3 million+ $10 million+

Major Players in Israel’s Renewable Energy Sector

This table presents some significant Israeli renewable energy companies dedicated to combating climate change and fostering sustainable development.

Company Name Focus Area Year Founded Annual Revenue (USD)
SolarEdge Technologies Solar power optimization 2006 $1.39 billion
Better Place Electric vehicle infrastructure 2007 Bankrupt
Ormat Technologies Geothermal energy 1965 $746 million
Ellomay Capital Wind power 1987 $15 million (as of 2019)
SDE Energy Wave energy 1996 Not publicly disclosed

Top Israeli Fintech Companies

This table showcases leading Israeli fintech companies leveraging cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the financial sector.

Company Name Industry Founded Valuation (USD)
Payoneer Payment solutions 2005 $1 billion+
BlueVine Online lending 2013 $1.6 billion+
Lemonade Insurance technology 2015 $4.9 billion+
SimilarWeb Web analytics 2007 $1 billion+
Forter Fraud prevention 2013 $3 billion+

Major Players in Israel’s Aerospace Industry

This table highlights influential Israeli aerospace companies driving innovation in space exploration and defense technologies.

Company Name Industry Founded Number of Satellites Launched
Israel Aerospace Industries Aerospace and defense 1953 Over 20
SpaceIL Space exploration 2011 1 (Beresheet)
Elbit Systems Aerospace and defense 1966 Not engaged in satellite launches
RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Defense technology 1948 Not engaged in satellite launches
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Education and research 1912 Participates in satellite launches

Prominent Israeli Healthtech Companies

This table presents leading Israeli healthtech companies driving advancements in healthcare and medical technology.

Company Name Focus Area Founded Revenue (USD)
Zebra Medical Vision Medical imaging analysis 2014 Not publicly disclosed Home diagnostics 2013 Not publicly disclosed
MedAware Medication safety 2012 $2 million+
CartiHeal Regenerative medicine 2009 $10 million+
Sight Diagnostics Blood testing 2011 Not publicly disclosed


Israel is a hotbed for innovation and technology, nurturing a thriving ecosystem of companies across various sectors. The tables presented here provide a glimpse into the vibrant landscape of Israel’s business environment, showcasing the range of industries and the impressive achievements of its companies. From cybersecurity to biotechnology, e-commerce to aerospace, Israel continues to make its mark on the global stage. The country’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to cutting-edge research fuel the continuous growth and success of its companies.

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