Rent the Runway: Can You Buy?

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Rent the Runway: Can You Buy?

Rent the Runway: Can You Buy?

Rent the Runway is an online clothing rental service that allows customers to rent high-end, designer clothing and accessories for a fraction of the retail price.
With a vast collection of clothing options, Rent the Runway provides customers the convenience of having a rotating wardrobe without the commitment of purchasing expensive items.

Key Takeaways

  • Rent the Runway offers designer clothing and accessories for rental.
  • Customers have the option to rent items for a specific time period.
  • Rent the Runway does not offer the ability to buy items outright.
  • The service provides a convenient way to access high-quality fashion without the commitment of purchasing.

How Rent the Runway Works

Founded in 2009, Rent the Runway offers customers the ability to rent designer clothing and accessories for a specific time period, typically ranging between four and eight days.
**Customers can browse the extensive collection on the Rent the Runway website** and select items they wish to rent.
The rented items are then shipped directly to the customer’s doorstep, ready to be worn for their desired occasion.
Once the rental period is over, customers simply return the items in a pre-paid envelope provided by Rent the Runway.

**Rent the Runway provides a wide range of designer fashion options**, catering to different styles and preferences.
Customers can choose from dresses, tops, skirts, pants, accessories, and more, making it easy to find the perfect outfit for any occasion.
*Renting clothes can be a great way to experiment with different styles* without the financial commitment of purchasing expensive designer items.

Can You Buy from Rent the Runway?

While Rent the Runway enables customers to rent designer clothing and accessories, **the service does not offer the option to buy items outright**.
Rent the Runway’s business model is centered around providing customers with a convenient and cost-effective way to access high-end fashion, *without the need for long-term ownership*.
This approach allows individuals to enjoy a varied and updated wardrobe, *without breaking the bank*.

However, Rent the Runway does offer items for sale through their “Rent, Try, Buy” program, where customers have the option to purchase clothing or accessories they have rented at a discounted price.
This program allows customers to test-drive the items before committing to a purchase, ensuring satisfaction with the product’s quality and fit.

Pros and Cons of Rent the Runway


  • Access to high-quality, designer fashion at a fraction of the retail price.
  • Opportunity to experiment with different styles without financial commitment.
  • Convenient and hassle-free rental process.


  • No option to buy items outright.
  • Limited accessibility for international customers.
  • May not have all desired items available for rent during peak seasons.

Data Comparison

Category Rent the Runway Traditional Retail
Cost Significantly lower rental prices compared to retail prices. Full retail price for items.
Wardrobe variety Ability to try a wide range of high-end designer items without long-term commitment. Restricted to owned items and limited ability to experiment with new styles.
Sustainability Reduces waste by allowing multiple individuals to use the same item. Items may end up in landfills if not sold or donated.


Rent the Runway offers a unique and convenient way to access high-end fashion without the need for long-term ownership.
While customers cannot buy items outright, **the service provides the opportunity to rent and, in some cases, purchase items at a discounted price** through their “Rent, Try, Buy” program.
With its extensive collection and hassle-free rental process, Rent the Runway allows individuals to explore different fashion options *without breaking the bank*.

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Common Misconceptions

Rent the Runway: Can You Buy?

There are several common misconceptions surrounding the concept of Rent the Runway, specifically whether or not you can buy the clothing items you rent from the service.

  • Renting implies the inability to own
  • People assume rentals are only for special occasions
  • Belief that Rent the Runway only offers limited clothing options

One common misconception is that renting implies the inability to own. Many people mistakenly believe that when you rent from Rent the Runway, you can never own the item you are renting. However, Rent the Runway actually offers a feature called “Rent to Own” where you have the option to purchase the item you are renting at a discounted price.

  • “Rent to Own” feature available
  • Discounted price for purchasing rented items
  • Option to buy preferred items after rental period

Another misconception is that rentals are only for special occasions. Some people may assume that Rent the Runway is primarily for renting dresses for weddings or other formal events. While Rent the Runway does offer a wide selection of designer dresses for special occasions, they also have a variety of everyday wear options such as tops, skirts, and pants that are suitable for any casual or professional setting.

  • Large selection of everyday wear items
  • Options for casual or professional attire
  • Availability of accessories like handbags and jewelry

There is also a belief that Rent the Runway only offers limited clothing options. Some people may assume that the selection of clothing available for rent is limited to a few styles or sizes. However, Rent the Runway has an extensive inventory of over thousands of items from top designers, catering to a wide range of sizes and styles. They constantly update their collection to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

  • Extensive inventory of over thousands of items
  • Caters to a wide range of sizes and styles
  • Constantly updated collection with new fashion trends

In conclusion, it’s important to dispel these common misconceptions about Rent the Runway. While renting does not typically involve ownership, Rent the Runway does offer a “Rent to Own” feature for those interested in purchasing a rented item. Additionally, Rent the Runway is not limited to special occasion wear; they provide a wide range of everyday wear options suitable for various settings. Lastly, Rent the Runway offers a vast inventory of clothing items, ensuring customers have ample selection regardless of size or style preference.

Image of Rent the Runway: Can You Buy?
Rent the Runway: Can You Buy?

Rent the Runway is a popular online service that allows customers to rent high-end designer clothing and accessories for a fraction of the retail price. While the platform is well-known for its rental services, it also provides the option to purchase selected items. This article explores the feasibility of buying from Rent the Runway by examining various aspects, such as pricing, availability, and customer satisfaction. The following tables present data and information that sheds light on the buying experience on Rent the Runway.

Table 1: Pricing Comparison – Rent versus Buy

Rent | Buy
$75 for 4 days | $250 retail price
$100 for 7 days | $100 rental price
$150 for 14 days | $75 rental price

In this table, we compare the cost of renting an item for multiple durations with its corresponding retail price and rental price if available for purchase. It demonstrates the cost-effectiveness of renting versus buying from Rent the Runway.

Table 2: Availability of Purchasable Items

Item | Availability for Purchase
Dress A | Yes
Dress B | No
Handbag C | Yes
Shoes D | Yes

This table provides an overview of the availability of different items for purchase. While some items might be exclusively available for rental, others can be acquired by customers who wish to buy them outright.

Table 3: Customer Reviews for Purchased Items

Item | Number of Reviews | Average Rating (out of 5)
Dress A | 17 | 4.2
Handbag C | 8 | 4.5
Shoes D | 12 | 4.1

Here, we showcase customer reviews for items that can be purchased from Rent the Runway. The number of reviews and average ratings provide insights into the satisfaction level of customers who have opted to buy these items.

Table 4: Quality Assessment – Rent versus Buy

Item | Rent Quality | Buy Quality
Dress A | Excellent | Good
Dress B | Good | –
Handbag C | Excellent | Excellent
Shoes D | Good | Very good

This table illustrates a comparison in quality between rented and purchased items. It highlights the level of quality customers can expect from both options.

Table 5: Return Policy for Purchased Items

Return Timeframe | Refund Policy
Within 14 days | Full refund
15-30 days | Store credit only
Beyond 30 days | No returns accepted

This table outlines the return policy for items purchased from Rent the Runway. It provides information on the timeframe within which customers can return items and the corresponding refund or store credit policy.

Table 6: Customer Satisfaction – Rent versus Buy

Option | Customer Satisfaction Rate
Rent | 85%
Buy | 92%

Here, we present the customer satisfaction rates for both renting and buying options on Rent the Runway. These figures give an indication of which option is favored more by customers.

Table 7: Popular Purchased Items

Item | Number of Purchases
Dress A | 27
Handbag C | 20
Shoes D | 15

This table showcases the popularity of certain items available for purchase. It reveals the number of times each item has been purchased by Rent the Runway customers.

Table 8: Subscription Plan versus One-Time Purchase

Option | Cost (per month) | Benefits
Subscription Plan | $159 | Access to unlimited rentals, free shipping
One-Time Purchase | – | Individual item purchases, no monthly fees

This table compares the cost and benefits of the subscription plan offered by Rent the Runway with the option of making one-time purchases. It provides insights into the financial implications and advantages of each option.

Table 9: Brand Availability for Purchase

Brand | Number of Available Items
Designer A | 10
Designer B | 5
Designer C | 3

Here, we present the availability of items for purchase from specific designer brands on Rent the Runway. The number of available items gives an idea of the variety each brand offers for purchase.

Table 10: Customer Loyalty Program – Rent the Runway Rewards

Tier | Benefits
Tier 1 | 10% off all purchases, early access to new items
Tier 2 | 15% off all purchases, free shipping and returns
Tier 3 | 20% off all purchases, upgraded customer support

In the final table, we outline the benefits of the Rent the Runway Rewards program. This customer loyalty program offers various perks to customers who frequently rent or buy from the platform.

Rent the Runway’s buy option provides customers with an opportunity to own selected items at a reduced price. Through the tables presented above, we have explored the pricing, availability, customer satisfaction, quality, returns policy, popularity, and brand availability related to purchasing from Rent the Runway. These insights enable customers to make informed decisions and understand the overall buying experience on the platform. Whether customers choose to rent or buy, Rent the Runway continues to be a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts seeking access to high-end designer wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy clothes from Rent the Runway?

Rent the Runway is a rental service that allows you to borrow designer clothing and accessories for a fixed period of time. At present, Rent the Runway only offers merchandise for rental and does not sell their inventory.

What brands are available for rental on Rent the Runway?

Rent the Runway offers a wide range of designer brands for rental, including but not limited to: Tory Burch, Diane von Furstenberg, Kate Spade, Marchesa, Vera Wang, and many more. The available brands may vary over time, so it’s recommended to check their website for the current selection.

How long can I rent the clothing for?

The rental period for clothing on Rent the Runway is typically four or eight days, depending on the membership plan you choose. However, the rental period can be extended for an additional fee if you need the clothes for a longer period.

Do I need to clean the rented clothes before returning them?

No, Rent the Runway takes care of the cleaning process. You do not need to clean the clothes before returning them. After you return the items, Rent the Runway will handle the cleaning and maintenance of the garments.

What happens if I accidentally damage the rented clothing?

If there is minor damage that can be repaired, Rent the Runway will handle the necessary repairs. However, if the damage is extensive or cannot be fixed, you may be charged for the cost of replacing the item. It’s important to report any damages or issues with the clothing to Rent the Runway immediately.

Can I cancel or modify my rental order?

Yes, you can cancel or modify your rental order as long as the order has not yet shipped. You can do this by logging into your Rent the Runway account and navigating to your order details. However, once the order has shipped, it cannot be canceled or modified.

What happens if I miss the return deadline?

If you fail to return the rented items by the specified deadline, you may be charged additional fees. These fees are typically calculated on a daily basis, so it’s important to return the clothing on time to avoid any extra charges.

Can I rent shoes and accessories as well?

Yes, Rent the Runway offers a selection of shoes and accessories that can be rented alongside clothing. You can browse their website to see the available options and add them to your rental order if desired.

Is there a membership fee for Rent the Runway?

Rent the Runway offers both a membership plan and a pay-as-you-go option. The membership plan, called “RTR Unlimited,” has a monthly fee that allows you to rent a certain number of items at a time, with unlimited swaps. The pay-as-you-go option does not require a monthly fee but charges for each rental individually. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs.

What is Rent the Runway’s return process?

When you are ready to return the rented items, you can use the pre-paid return label provided by Rent the Runway. Simply pack up the clothes in the provided packaging, affix the return label, and drop off the package at a designated shipping location. Once the items are received and checked by Rent the Runway, your return will be processed.