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Runway Houses City Clouds

Runway Houses City Clouds

Runway Houses City Clouds is a popular song released by the Australian indie rock band Tame Impala in 2010. The song was featured on their debut album titled Innerspeaker. It is known for its dreamy and atmospheric sound, combining elements of psychedelic rock and pop.

Key Takeaways:

  • Released in 2010 on Tame Impala’s debut album Innerspeaker.
  • Genre: Psychedelic rock and pop.
  • Known for its dreamy and atmospheric sound.
  • Song title inspired by a lyric in the song “Half Full Glass of Wine.”
  • Became a fan-favorite and one of Tame Impala’s most popular tracks.

The lyrics in Runway Houses City Clouds paint a vivid picture of an imaginary city floating in the sky, creating a sense of escapism and wonder. The song’s ethereal instrumentation and mesmerizing vocals further enhance its dreamlike quality.

*One interesting fact is that the band’s frontman, Kevin Parker, wrote and recorded most of the album alone in his bedroom, showcasing his talent as a multi-instrumentalist and producer.*

Here are a few notable aspects of the song:


Runway Houses City Clouds features:

  • Reverberated electric guitars
  • Layered vocals
  • Drums and percussion
  • Synthesizers


The captivating lyrics of the song depict a surreal cityscape:

City clouds over me
Has me to the destroyer
Building rooftops stare at me
Squint their windows
Wear black all day
They a fool to destroy you”

These poetic and impressionistic lyrics contribute to the song’s overall mystical atmosphere.

Reception and Popularity:

Upon its release, Runway Houses City Clouds received positive reviews from music critics for its innovative sound and captivating lyrics. The song’s popularity continues to grow, and it has become a staple in Tame Impala’s live performances.

*Interestingly, Runway Houses City Clouds was included in the popular video game “Grand Theft Auto V” on the fictional in-game radio station called “Radio Mirror Park.”*

Table 1: Tame Impala‘s Discography

Album Release Year
Innerspeaker 2010
Lonerism 2012
Currents 2015

The band’s discography showcases their evolution and experimentation with different musical styles over the years.

Table 2: Popular Tame Impala Songs

Song Album Year
Elephant Lonerism 2012
The Less I Know the Better Currents 2015
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards Lonerism 2012

*One interesting tidbit is that Runway Houses City Clouds has never been released as a single, yet it remains highly regarded among Tame Impala fans.*

Table 3: Songwriting Credits

Song Writers
Runway Houses City Clouds Kevin Parker
Jeremy’s Storm Kevin Parker
Lucidity Kevin Parker

In summary, Runway Houses City Clouds is a mesmerizing song by Tame Impala that showcases their unique sound and lyrical craftsmanship. Its dreamy atmosphere and creative instrumentation have captivated listeners since its release.

Image of Runway Houses City Clouds.

Common Misconceptions

1. The meaning of “Runway Houses City Clouds”

One common misconception about the topic “Runway Houses City Clouds” is that it refers to physical houses constructed on runways in the sky. In actuality, this phrase is the title of a song by the Australian indie rock band Tame Impala. It does not have a literal interpretation related to architecture or urban planning.

  • The phrase does not describe actual buildings.
  • It is a metaphorical title for a song.
  • There is no real connection to the concept of sky runways or floating houses.

2. The genre of music

Another misconception is that “Runway Houses City Clouds” belongs to the electronic music genre due to its name. This assumption is incorrect as the song falls under the psychedelic rock genre. Tame Impala’s musical style is known for its psychedelic and dreamy soundscapes, and this track follows that aesthetic.

  • The song is not electronic music.
  • It is classified as psychedelic rock.
  • Tame Impala’s style is characterized by dreamy soundscapes.

3. Relation to fashion and modeling

Some people mistakenly associate “Runway Houses City Clouds” with the fashion industry, assuming it is related to fashion shows or modeling. However, there is no direct connection between the song and the runway in the sense of fashion. The title is metaphorical and unrelated to the world of modeling.

  • The song has no connection to fashion or modeling.
  • The title does not imply a link to the runway in the fashion sense.
  • It is purely metaphorical and unrelated to the fashion industry.

4. Literal interpretation of the lyrics

Many people tend to wrongly interpret the lyrics of “Runway Houses City Clouds” in a literal manner. The song’s poetic and abstract lyrics often give rise to various interpretations, each unique to the listener. It is essential to understand that the lyrics are open to different meanings and do not necessarily have a concrete or direct narrative.

  • The lyrics are not meant to be taken literally.
  • They are poetic and allow for multiple interpretations.
  • The meaning varies depending on the listener’s experience.

5. Connection to real-life locations

One misconception is that “Runway Houses City Clouds” refers to specific real-life locations, such as a particular city or buildings. However, the song’s title is metaphorical and does not directly represent any real-world places. It is better understood as a poetic expression rather than a description of concrete locations.

  • The title does not describe real-life places.
  • It is a metaphorical expression, not a geographical reference.
  • No direct connection to specific cities or buildings.
Image of Runway Houses City Clouds.

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FAQ – Runway Houses City Clouds

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Runway Houses City Clouds?

Runway Houses City Clouds is a song by the Australian band Tame Impala – the solo recording project of musician Kevin Parker. It was released in 2010 on their debut album “Innerspeaker”. The track is a dreamy and psychedelic exploration of themes like love, escape, and imagination.

Who are the members of Tame Impala?

The members of Tame Impala are primarily Kevin Parker, who writes, records, and performs most of the music, and a rotating lineup of accompanying musicians for live shows. However, Tame Impala is often referred to as a full band when the members are performing together on stage.

Can you provide more information about the album “Innerspeaker”?

“Innerspeaker” is the debut studio album by Tame Impala, released in 2010. It is highly acclaimed for its fusion of psychedelic rock and elements of pop music. The album received widespread praise and has been considered a modern classic within the indie rock genre. “Runway Houses City Clouds” is one of the standout tracks on this album.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics of “Runway Houses City Clouds”?

Interpreting song lyrics can be subjective, and the meaning of “Runway Houses City Clouds” can vary depending on the listener. However, some common interpretations suggest that the song explores themes of longing, the desire for escape, and the yearning for a utopian world that exists within one’s imagination.

Can you provide the lyrics of “Runway Houses City Clouds”?

Lyrics for “Runway Houses City Clouds” can be found on various lyrics websites. Please note that the lyrics provided may not be 100% accurate and should be used for personal reference only.

Has “Runway Houses City Clouds” won any awards?

Runway Houses City Clouds” has not won any major awards on its own. However, the album “Innerspeaker” as a whole has received critical acclaim and has been nominated for and won various awards since its release.

Can I use “Runway Houses City Clouds” in my own projects?

As with any copyrighted material, permission must be obtained from the rights holders to use “Runway Houses City Clouds” in your own projects. This typically includes seeking clearance from the record label and negotiating appropriate licensing agreements.

Where can I listen to “Runway Houses City Clouds”?

Runway Houses City Clouds” can be streamed on various music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. It may also be available for purchase as a digital download or physical copy from online music stores and platforms.

Is “Runway Houses City Clouds” available on vinyl?

Runway Houses City Clouds” may be available on vinyl as part of the “Innerspeaker” album. Vinyl availability can vary, so it is recommended to check with online retailers, record stores, or Tame Impala’s official merchandise channels to see if it is currently in stock.

Has Tame Impala performed “Runway Houses City Clouds” live?

Tame Impala has performed “Runway Houses City Clouds” live on various occasions. However, like any live band, their setlist may vary from show to show, so it is not guaranteed that they will perform the song at every concert. Check their official website or concert listings for the most up-to-date information.