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Y Combinator (YC) has established itself as one of the most renowned startup accelerators in the world. Over the years, it has nurtured and supported numerous successful companies in their early stages. The YC Company List is a comprehensive database that showcases the impressive alumni of YC and provides information about their industry, location, and funding.

Key Takeaways:

  • The YC Company List is a database that features successful startups that have gone through the Y Combinator accelerator program.
  • It provides valuable information about the industry, location, and funding of each company.
  • The database offers insights into the diverse range of companies that have benefited from YC’s support.
  • Y Combinator has played a pivotal role in the success of many prominent startups.

The YC Company List: A Wealth of Information

The YC Company List serves as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone interested in the startup ecosystem. With over a thousand companies listed, it offers a comprehensive overview of the diverse range of industries that YC has supported over the years. From technology and e-commerce to healthcare and clean energy, the list showcases the breadth and depth of YC’s impact on the startup landscape.

YC’s influence stretches across various sectors, making it a hub of innovation and disruption.

Understanding the Data

The YC Company List provides crucial information about each startup. This includes their industry, location, and funding details. The database organizes companies into different batches, allowing users to track the progress of YC’s portfolio over time. It also highlights notable exits and acquisitions, giving insights into the success stories that have emerged from the program.

By examining the funding data, users can gain valuable insights into the financial trajectory of YC companies and better understand the startup funding landscape.

Table 1: Industries of YC Companies

Industry Number of Companies
Technology 450
E-commerce 200
Healthcare 150

Table 2: Top Locations of YC Companies

Location Number of Companies
San Francisco 350
New York City 200
London 100

Table 3: Notable Funding Rounds

Company Funding Round Funding Amount
Company A Series C $50 million
Company B Seed Round $10 million
Company C Series B $30 million

Exploring YC’s Impact

The YC Company List not only provides a wealth of information but also highlights the significant impact Y Combinator has had on the startup ecosystem. By showcasing successful companies that have emerged from the program, it underscores YC’s ability to identify and nurture promising startups.

Through its rigorous and comprehensive program, YC has played a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of these companies.

Whether you are a startup enthusiast, an investor, or a curious observer, the YC Company List offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of innovative and disruptive companies. Browse through the extensive list and discover the remarkable success stories that have emerged from Y Combinator.

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Common Misconceptions

Misconception 1: YC Companies are guaranteed to succeed

  • Not all YC companies achieve the same level of success.
  • Success in the startup world is dependent on various factors beyond YC’s guidance.
  • YC provides valuable resources and mentorship, but the ultimate success lies in the hands of the company and its founders.

Misconception 2: YC only invests in tech companies

  • While YC is known for its focus on tech startups, they have also invested in non-tech companies.
  • YC has funded companies in industries like healthcare, education, agriculture, and more.
  • YC looks for innovative and scalable ideas, regardless of the industry.

Misconception 3: YC only accepts companies at the early stage

  • Although YC primarily focuses on early-stage startups, they also accept companies at later stages.
  • YC has a dedicated program called “YC Continuity” that supports growth-stage startups.
  • YC Continuity invests in companies that have already raised significant funding and have shown potential for substantial growth.

Misconception 4: YC Companies have unlimited access to venture capital

  • While YC certainly helps startups connect with investors, it does not guarantee access to unlimited venture capital.
  • Startups still need to prove their potential and secure funding based on their progress and market demand.
  • YC companies can benefit from the YC network and reputation, but fundraising is ultimately their responsibility.

Misconception 5: YC Companies have it easier than non-YC Companies

  • Being part of YC comes with its advantages, such as mentorship and networking opportunities, but it is not a guarantee for success.
  • Non-YC companies can also succeed through their own merits and hard work.
  • Success in the startup world is determined by various factors, including the team’s abilities, market conditions, and audience demand, rather than just being part of a specific program.
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Top 10 YC Companies by Valuation

Rank Company Valuation
1 Stripe $95 billion
2 DoorDash $72 billion
3 Airbnb $47 billion
4 Cruise $30 billion
5 Dropbox $12 billion
6 Reddit $10 billion
7 Rappi $9 billion
8 GitLab $6 billion
9 Instacart $4.2 billion
10 Zapier $4 billion

Table: The top 10 YC companies based on their current valuations highlight the success of these innovative startups. Stripe holds the top position with an impressive valuation of $95 billion, followed closely by DoorDash at $72 billion. This table demonstrates the financial success these companies have achieved as a result of their disruptive business models.

Y Combinator’s Longest-Serving Founding Members

Name Company Number of Years
Paul Graham Y Combinator 16
Jessica Livingston Y Combinator 16
Trevor Blackwell Anybots 15
Robert Morris Y Combinator 16
Harj Taggar Triplebyte 10
Graham Spencer Y Combinator 16
Trevor Blackwell Y Combinator Research 15
Aaron Iba Y Combinator 16
Craig Cannon Gradient (YC Subsidiary) 10
Paul Buchheit Y Combinator 16

Table: Y Combinator owes much of its success to the dedication of its founding members. This table showcases the longest-serving members who have played pivotal roles in shaping the accelerator’s growth over the years. Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston, the co-founders, stand out with a remarkable 16 years of service to Y Combinator. Their unwavering commitment has been instrumental in helping Y Combinator become a leading force in the startup ecosystem.

YC Companies by Industry

Industry Number of Companies
Software 456
Fintech 189
Healthcare 124
E-commerce 97
Artificial Intelligence 84
Clean Energy 68
Education 62
Hardware 49
Food & Beverage 37
Transportation 21

Table: Y Combinator has nurtured and supported startups across a wide range of industries. This table reveals the number of companies operating in various sectors within the YC portfolio. The software industry dominates with a staggering 456 companies, followed by fintech and healthcare, highlighting YC’s commitment to fostering innovation in these areas.

YC Companies Founded by Women

Company Founder(s) Year Founded
Zume Pizza Alex Garden, Julia Collins 2015
Niche Bridget Harris, Thanh Lam 2015
Tala Shivani Siroya 2011
Freight Farms Jon Friedman, Brad McNamara 2010
Project Include Ellen Pao, Erica Baker 2016
Everlywell Julia Cheek 2015
Clover Health Kris Gale, Vivek Garipalli 2013
unspun Beth Esponnette, Max King 2016
Ada Murray Goulden, David Hariri 2020
Zoox Jesse Levinson, Tim Kentley-Klay 2014

Table: Women have made significant contributions to the success of YC-backed companies. This table highlights a selection of YC companies and their female founders who have played key roles in their establishment. Their determination and vision have resulted in the creation of successful startups across various industries.

YC Alumni with Successful Exits

Company Exit Value Year
Reddit $10 million 2006
Dropbox $9.96 billion 2018
Instacart $39 billion 2020
DoorDash $57 billion 2020
Github $7.5 billion 2018
Pinterest $12.7 billion 2012
Zenefits $4.5 billion 2015
Stripe $95 billion Ongoing
Airbnb $47 billion Ongoing
Cruise $30 billion Ongoing

Table: Y Combinator‘s success stories extend beyond valuations. This table showcases YC alumni companies that have successfully exited, providing a glimpse into the potential financial success awaiting startups within the YC ecosystem. From early exits such as Reddit to ongoing juggernauts like Stripe, these exits demonstrate the caliber of companies YC has nurtured and supported.

YC Companies Ranked by Funding

Rank Company Funding Raised
1 Stripe $2.2 billion
2 DoorDash $2 billion
3 Cruise $1.9 billion
4 Zoox $1.6 billion
5 Rappi $1.4 billion
6 Grammarly $200 million
7 Instacart $350 million
8 Twitch $35 million
9 Reddit $82 million
10 One Medical $530 million

Table: Funding plays a crucial role in the growth and development of YC companies. This table lists the top YC companies based on the funding raised, highlighting their ability to attract significant investment. Stripe leads the pack with an impressive $2.2 billion in funding, followed closely by DoorDash and Cruise. These high funding amounts demonstrate investor confidence in the potential of YC companies.

Successful YC Companies Founded Outside Silicon Valley

Company Location Valuation
Stripe San Francisco, CA $95 billion
DoorDash San Francisco, CA $72 billion
Airbnb San Francisco, CA $47 billion
Twitch San Francisco, CA $2.8 billion
Reddit San Francisco, CA $10 billion
SeatGeek New York, NY $1 billion
Zapier San Francisco, CA $4 billion
Segment San Francisco, CA $3.2 billion
Pebble Palo Alto, CA $190 million
LendUp San Francisco, CA $1.3 billion

Table: While Silicon Valley remains the epicenter of the tech industry, successful YC companies have emerged from various locations. This table showcases companies that have achieved significant valuations despite being founded outside Silicon Valley. San Francisco dominates with most companies, but New York and Palo Alto also have notable entries. These companies debunk the notion that geography alone determines startup success.

YC Companies with the Most Number of Employees

Company Number of Employees
Stripe 2,000+
DoorDash 3,000+
Airbnb 4,000+
Reddit 700+
Cruise 1,400+
Doximity 900+
Instacart 20,000+
GitLab 1,400+
Rappi 15,000+
Duo Security 2,500+

Table: YC companies have been able to generate massive employment opportunities, attracting a considerable workforce. This table highlights the YC companies with the most significant number of employees. Airbnb leads the pack with over 4,000 employees, followed by Instacart and Rappi, emphasizing the substantial impact YC-backed companies have on job creation.


In summary, Y Combinator (YC) has fostered tremendous growth and success in the startup ecosystem. The tables provided offer a snapshot of the diverse range of companies that have benefited from YC’s support, including their valuations, funding raised, founders, and industry distribution. The success stories of YC alumni, both in terms of valuations and successful exits, demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of YC’s accelerator program. By nurturing innovative and disruptive startups, YC continues to shape the future of technology and entrepreneurship.

YC Company List – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YC Company List?

YC Company List is a comprehensive list of companies that have participated in the Y Combinator (YC) accelerator program. It provides information about the companies, including their industry, founding year, and notable achievements.

How can I use YC Company List?

You can use YC Company List to explore the extensive network of companies that have been supported by Y Combinator. It can be useful for entrepreneurs looking for inspiration, investors seeking potential opportunities, or anyone who wants to stay updated with the latest startups.

Is YC Company List an official Y Combinator website?

No, YC Company List is not an official website of Y Combinator. It is an independent platform created to provide information and resources related to the Y Combinator accelerator program.

How frequently is YC Company List updated?

YC Company List is regularly updated with new companies that have joined the Y Combinator program. However, the frequency of updates may vary depending on the availability and verification of information. It is advisable to visit the website periodically for the most recent information.

Can I submit my company to be included in YC Company List?

No, YC Company List does not accept direct company submissions. The list is curated and updated by the website administrators based on reliable sources and public information about Y Combinator companies.

Can I filter or search the companies listed on YC Company List?

Yes, YC Company List provides several filtering and search options to help you explore the companies. You can filter by industry, location, or the YC batch in which they participated. Additionally, there is a search bar to find specific companies based on their name or other related keywords.

Are all YC companies listed on YC Company List?

While efforts are made to include as many YC companies as possible, YC Company List may not have an exhaustive list of every single Y Combinator participant. The list primarily includes public companies with available information and notable achievements. The website administrators continually update and expand the list to include more companies.

How can I contact a company listed on YC Company List?

YC Company List provides contact information for each company whenever available. You can usually find their website, email address, social media profiles, or other contact details within their respective company profiles. Use the provided information to reach out to the companies directly.

Is YC Company List affiliated with any YC alumni companies?

No, YC Company List is an independent platform and is not officially affiliated with any Y Combinator alumni companies. It is solely dedicated to providing information and resources about YC companies for the benefit of its users.

Can I provide feedback or report incorrect information on YC Company List?

Absolutely! YC Company List welcomes your feedback and encourages users to report any inaccuracies or outdated information. You can usually find a contact form or email address on the website to submit your feedback, suggestions, or updates.